APC/NSP Benevolent Fund


The Archdiocesan Presbyters Council (hereinafter APC), and the National Sisterhood of Presvyteres (hereinafter NSP), to promote the spirit of Christian love among clergy families and to develop a genuine interest in one another's well being, hereby establish a Benevolent Fund to offer assistance during a time of family crisis, medical emergency and/or extreme financial need to a Priest serving in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, his Presvytera, and/or their dependent children.

  1. The monies used to establish this joint benevolent fund will come from the existing benevolent funds of the APC and the NSP.
  2. Additional voluntary contributions will be graciously accepted.
  3. A coordinated fund-raising campaign will be implemented annually to maintain the fund.
Fund Management:

Four people will administer the fund, hereafter known as "the administrators". This four person group will be comprised of the Presidents of the APC and NSP as well as two additional members, one from each organization. Their responsibility will be to manage the Benevolent Fund. From this group a coordinator and a treasurer will be elected. The co-ordinator will process all requests to the Benevolent Fund confidentially and will present these requests to the administrators for their approval. The administrators empower the treasurer to:

  1. Record all donations and issue receipts.
  2. Deposit all monies in a timely manner and reconcile all bank statements on a monthly basis.
  3. Co-sign all Benevolent Fund checks with the coordinator
  4. Render an accounting of the fund to each supporting organization annually by case numbers.

This fund is to be operated under the sole management, control, and discretion of the APC and NSP. No accounting is to be rendered to any other group, agency, organization, or individual unless required by law. This fund is to be distinguished from any other Benevolent Fund or similar fund or program and operates entirely independently of any other such fund or program.

Division of Funds:

50% of all collected monies shall be deposited in permanent reserve. Only the interest generated from this fund shall be dispersed. The principal shall remain intact.
45% of all collected monies shall be deposited in a checking account, administered by the treasurer and shall be used for immediate requests for assistance.
Up to 5% of all collected monies from the checking account may be used for administrative costs to maintain the fund.

Disbursement of Funds:

The treasurer, at the discretion of the coordinator and in consultation with the other two administrators, shall be empowered to disburse up to the maximum sum of $7,500.00 per case, in a timely manner. Requests for assistance may be made verbally. Although written requests for assistance are not required, some form of documentation should be provided to the administrators with regards to bills being paid by the Benevolent Fund. All such documentation shall be kept in strictest confidentiality.


In the event of the dissolution of either the APC or the NSP the remaining Benevolent Fund shall become the sole property of the surviving organization. In the event of the dissolution of both organizations the Benevolent Fund will be placed in a trust for up to five years, at which time, the monies will be disbursed to a worthy charity(ies) or group(s) voted by the administrators.


Any changes to be made to the Benevolent Fund must be approved by the National Boards of the APC and NSP


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